University of Durban-Westville Drama Department

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Founded in 1974(?*) at Salisbury Island, Durban Harbour, it started as a Department of Speech and Drama at the University College for Indians. Opened with Mr. A. Francis as acting head of Department and a year later David Horner was appointed as full-time Head of Department. In 1972 the University moved to the new campus at Durban-Westville and the Department moved into the Asoka Theatre complex. In 1975 David Horner became the first Professor of Speech and Drama at UDW, and was succeeded in the same year by Devi Bughwan, who was the first person of colour to be professor of drama in South Africa. Retiring in 1985, her post was taken over by Dennis Schauffer. At the end of 2000 the University decided to close the Department and the staff were redeployed or retrenched, the students sent to other institutions.



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