Un Mari qui se Dérange

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Un Mari qui se Dérange ("A husband who upsets himself") is a French comédie-vaudeville in two acts by Eugène Cormon (pseud. Pierre Étienne Piestre), and Eugène Grangé (pseud. Eugène Pierre Basté, )

The original text

First published in Paris by L. Levy, 1847, and first performed in Paris at Theatre Gymnase Dramatique on 25 March, 1848.

Translated and much adapted into English, i.a. as Ranelagh by Palgrave Simpson and Charles Wray (first performed at The Haymarket, London on 18 February 1854), and as Stay at Home by Slingsby Laurence (pseudonym of George Henry Lewes) two years later.

According to Kenneth Richards and ‎Peter Thomson (2015) the manuscript for a play called The Married Flirt, or A Conjugal Lesson (Stay at Home) is among the texts in the Lord Chamberlain's collection in the British Museum. It was apparently based on the French play Un Mari qui se Dérange(a comédie-vaudeville in two acts) by Eugène Cormon and Eugène Grangé.

Facsimile version of the 1847 edition by C. Schutz[1]

Facsimile version of the 1864 edition by M. Levy freres[2]

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