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Ubaldo is a German tragedy in five acts by August von Kotzebue (1761-1819)[1].

Published as Ubaldo: ein Trauerspiel in fünf Akten by Kummer, Leipzig, 1808

Translated into Dutch as Ubaldo by J S van Esveldt Holtrop and published by him in 1809.

F.C.L. Bosman (1928: p. 276) cites a newspaper article in which the Cape Town producer C.E. Boniface seeks to buy play texts for production, including one he lists as Ubaldo, of De Dood van Rolla by August von Kotzbue and translated by J S van Esveldt Holtrop. However this is surely a misreading, and what is clearly meant is that Boniface was seeking a text for either Ubaldo (1808) or for De Dood van Rolla (1796) - two totally unrelated plays by Von Kotzebue, both translated into Dutch by J S van Esveldt Holtrop (and 1809 respectively).

Facsimile version of the German text, Google E-book [2]