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''Twee Rand (‘n) Trek'' (“Two rand withdrawal”) by Sean O’Casey. A one-act comedy set in a post office, concenrning an intoxicated client attempting to draw money from his post-office account. An Afrikaans translation by *** as ''Twee Rand Trek'' was performed by the [[Ceres Amateur Toneelvereniging]] in 197*?
'''See''' ''[[A Pound on Demand]]'' by [[Sean O'Casey]].
[[Nerina Ferreira]]'s translation was performed as a lunch-time show in the [[Hofmeyr Theatre]] in July 1967. It was directed by [[Paul Malherbe]]. (Source:  [[Wilhelm Grütter| Grütter, Wilhelm]], [[CAPAB]] 25 Years, 1987. Unpublished research. p 66)
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