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The word troupe (plural troupes) is a term traditionally used to refer to a group of dancers, actors, or other entertainers (such as minstrelsy or Christy's performers) who tour to different venues. The Afrikaans term is troep (or troepe in the plural).

Though they are very similar in pronunciation, this form is not to be confused with the military and general term "troop" (or "troops")[1].

The Afrikaans and Dutch word troep is however used in both senses. For example, while troops of military soldiers are referred to as a "troepe" and crowds may be referred to as "troepe mense", in Cape Town companies of performers participating in the annual Tweede Nuwejaar (2nd New Year) carnival were called Coon troupes, and to this day the individual performing groups participating in what has now become known as the annual Cape Minstrel Carnival, are still referred to as "troupes" (klopse troepe or simply troepe in Afrikaans).


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