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1967: Presented by [[USAT]] in May in the [[H.B. Thom Theatre]]. Fanfares and song composed by [[Hubert du Plessis]].
1967: Presented by [[USAT]] in May in the [[H.B. Thom Theatre]]. Fanfares and song composed by [[Hubert du Plessis]].
1974: Staged by [[PACT]] Drama, directed by [[John Hussey]], with [[Eckard Rabe]] (Troilus), [[Annelisa Weiland]] (Cressida),[[Siegfried Mynhardt]] (Priam), [[Dale Cutts]] (Hector), [[James White]] (Paris), [[Martin Aylott]] (Helenus), [[Garth Tuckett]] (Margarelon), [[Adrian Egan]] (Aeneas), [[Sandy Robertson]] (Antenor), [[Lynette Marais]] (Andromache), [[Diane Ridler]] (Cassandra), [[Simon Allen]] (Servant), [[Jo-Anne Bayes]] (Attendant), [[Norman Coombes]] (Agamemnon), [[George Jackson]] (Menelaus), [[Don McCorkindale]] (Achilles), [[Richard Haines]] (Ajax), [[John Hayter]] (Ulysses), [[Anthony James]] (Nestor), [[Marko van der Colff]] (Diomedes), [[David Sherwood]] (Patroclus), [[John Boulter]] (Pandarus), [[Robert van Leyden]] (Calchas), [[Nigel Vermaas]] (Thersites), [[Bryan Bales]] (Alexander) and [[Diane Wilson]] (Helen). Assistant director and choreographer: [[Geoffrey Sutherland]]. Sets designed by [[Richard Cook]] and costumes by [[Christa Scholtz]].
[[John Hussey]] directed and starred in this play with [[Eckard Rabe]], [[Annelisa Weiland]], [[James White]] and [[Siegfried Mynhardt]] for [[PACT]] in 1974.
== Sources ==
== Sources ==

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Troilus and Cressida [1] is a tragedy by William Shakespeare (1564-1616) believed to have been written in 1602.

The original text

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1967: Presented by USAT in May in the H.B. Thom Theatre. Fanfares and song composed by Hubert du Plessis.

1974: Staged by PACT Drama, directed by John Hussey, with Eckard Rabe (Troilus), Annelisa Weiland (Cressida),Siegfried Mynhardt (Priam), Dale Cutts (Hector), James White (Paris), Martin Aylott (Helenus), Garth Tuckett (Margarelon), Adrian Egan (Aeneas), Sandy Robertson (Antenor), Lynette Marais (Andromache), Diane Ridler (Cassandra), Simon Allen (Servant), Jo-Anne Bayes (Attendant), Norman Coombes (Agamemnon), George Jackson (Menelaus), Don McCorkindale (Achilles), Richard Haines (Ajax), John Hayter (Ulysses), Anthony James (Nestor), Marko van der Colff (Diomedes), David Sherwood (Patroclus), John Boulter (Pandarus), Robert van Leyden (Calchas), Nigel Vermaas (Thersites), Bryan Bales (Alexander) and Diane Wilson (Helen). Assistant director and choreographer: Geoffrey Sutherland. Sets designed by Richard Cook and costumes by Christa Scholtz.


PACT theatre programme, 1974.

Petru & Carel Trichardt theatre programme collection.

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