Trits: Mis - Mirakel - Drif

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Trits: Mis - Mirakel - Drif is a collection of three full-length plays by Reza de Wet (1952-2012).

Trits: The original Afrikaans collection

The title of the Afrikaans collection is sometimes written as Trits: Mis, Mirakel en Drif or Trits: Mis, Mirakel, Drif, but generally it is simply referred to as Trits.

Published by HAUM Literêr in 1993. Contains the plays Mis ("mist/dung/miss the target, etc"), Mirakel ("miracle")and Drif ("crossing/passion"), with an introduction on the author and her work by Temple Hauptfleisch entitled Die Dramaturg as Towernaar ("the dramatist as magician").

The author was awarded the author the 1993 Hertzog Prize for Drama for this collection.

Published as a school textbook called Trits: Mis, Mirakel, Drif: Drama en aantekeninge by Maskew Miller Longman, Cape Town in 2008. With notes by Ronél Gouws.

Theatre One: The English version of the collection

The three plays in the collection were subsequently translated into English by the author and Steven Stead, and published in a collection called Plays One: Missing - Crossing - Miracle by Oberon Books, London, in 2000. (The collection is also referred to as De Wet: Plays One in some cases, or more often simply as Plays One.)

The individual plays

For more information on the individual plays and their performances, see the relevant entries under Mis , Mirakel and Drif respectively.

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