Treasure Island

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Treasure Island [1] (published in 1883) is a popular adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson [2]. Besides many film versions, there have been over 24 major stage and radio adaptations, while the number of minor adaptations remains countless.

The original text

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1950: Dramatized and produced by Harold Laite for a production by the Repertory Theatre Society, later known as the Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society, performed 13 to 23 December 1950.

1953: Produced by The Children's Theatre, directed by Colin Romoff at the Wits Great Hall, starring Felix Cooper as Long John Silver.

1964: Staged by The Children's Theatre at the Zoo Lake as part of The Johannesburg Festival, devised and directed by Robert Langford, with James White (Jim Hawkins), Kevin Basel (Black Dog), Michael Fisher (Capt. Billy Bones), Francesco (Blind Pew & Benn Gunn), Peter de Marney (O'Brien), Louis Ife (George Merry), Jimmy Mentis (Squire John), Brian O'Shaughnessy (Dr Livesay), Kevin Lee (Thomas Redruth), John Hayter (Long John Silver), Ronnie Grainge (Thomas Morgan), Dale Cutts (Capt. Alexander Smollett), Stan Cunningham (Dick Johnson), Jon Whiteley (Israel Hands) and Michael Fisher (Anderson).


NELM: [Collection: FLETCHER, Jill]: 2005. 75. 19. 61 (1950 production).

The Children's Theatre programme, 1964.

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