The Silver Cord

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The Silver Cord is a psychological melodrama written in 1926 by American playwright Sidney Howard [1] (1891-1039). Full-length. Cast: mixed. A drama about a mother who is pathologically close to her sons and works to undermine their romances, it starred Pauline Lord and was one of the most talked-about plays of the 1926-27 Broadway season.

Performance history in South Africa

1947: Produced for the Brian Brooke Company by Will Jamieson, presented at Cape Town's Hofmeyr Hall in February, starring Dorothy Kendal-Grimston, Will Jamieson, Petrina Fry, Joyce Murcott, Frank Wise.

1947: Produced by the Johannesburg Repertory Society starring Gay Gibson.

Translations and adaptations

Afrikaans translation by Herman Steytler: Die Onsigbare Band. Directed by Lily-Jean Satusky for K.A.T. in August 1953.


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