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Theatre programme (Baxter Theatre), 1983.
Theatre programme (Baxter Theatre), 1983.
[[ESAT Bibliography Tra-Tz|Tucker]], 1997. 425

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The Real Thing, by Tom Stoppard, first performed in 1982. It examines the nature of honesty, and its use of a play within a play is one of many levels on which the author teases the audience with the difference between semblance and reality. Published by Faber and Faber, 1982.

Directed by Nikolas Simmonds for Pieter Toerien Productions (in association with Michael Codron)at the Baxter Theatre in 1983, with Tim Plewman, Gillian Garlick, Richard Haines, Fiona Ramsay, André Jacobs, Ashleigh Sendin, Ian Roberts. This production was also staged at the André Huguenet Theatre, opening 5 August 1983..


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