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A comedy-thriller by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.
'''See''' ''[[Die Physiker]]''
The English translation, by , first produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Aldwych Theatre in 1963. Directed by 
== Performance history in South Africa ==
Produced in South Africa in September 1963 by the [[Langford-Inglis Company]] in conjunction with the [[Alexander Theatre]]. The play's first run was at the [[Aldwych Theatre]] in January of the same year. Directed by [[Robert Langford]] (Herbert Georg Beutler (Newton) patient) and [[Margaret Inglis]] (Fraulein Doktor Mathilde von Zahnd, Alienist) who also played the leads, with [[Angela Davidson]] (A Dead Nurse), [[Helen Braithwaite]] (Marta Boll, Head Nurse), [[Frank Douglass]] (Richard Voss, Inspector of Police), [[Bryan Bales]] (Police Doctor and Oskar Rose, Missionary), [[Hugh Fowler]] (Guhl, Policeman and Adolf-Friederich, Missionaries' son), [[Karl Winter]] (Blocher, Policeman), [[Leslie Zulberg]] (Policeman), [[George Lane]] (Ernst Heinrich Ernesti (Einstein), patient), [[Bess Finney]] (Frau Lina Rose, Missionary's Wife), [[Don Clifford]] (Wilfred-Kaspar, Missionaries' son), [[Allan Zulberg]] (Jorg-Lukas, Missionaries' son), [[Gabriel Bayman]] (Johann Wilhelm Mobius, patient), [[Mary Miller]] (Monika Stettler, Nurse), [[Gilbert Xaba]] (McArthur, Chief Male Attendant), [[Billy Rutherford]] (Uwe Sievers, Male Attendant), [[Maurice Cinamon]] (Murillo, Male Attendant). Sets by [[Roy Cooke]], House manager [[Michael Coulson]], Stage manager [[Karl Winter]], Assistant stage managers [[Angela Davidson]] and [[Hugh Fowler]]. It is a comedy thriller and considered to be "parable" of the time, referred to as ''comedie-noire''. The play examines the moral position of the scientist in a "world shadowed by a mushroom cloud".
Produced by [[CAPAB]], opening in Port Elizabeth on 10 March 1964.
==Translations and adaptations==
== Sources ==
[[Wilhelm Grütter| Grütter, Wilhelm]], ''[[CAPAB]] 25 Years'', 1987. Unpublished research. p 415. (Ms in [[Centaps]] archives.)
Programme Alexander Theatre. No 166  September, 1963. 
[[F.C.L. Bosman|Bosman]], 1928: pp
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