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#REDIRECT[[The Irish Attorney, or Galway Practice in 1770]]
#REDIRECT[[The Irish Attorney, or Galway Practice in 1770]]
''[[The Irish Attorney, or Galway Practice in 1770]]'' is a farce in two acts  by William Bayle Bernard (1807-1875)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Bayle_Bernard]. 
Also found as '''''[[The Irish Attorney, or Galway Practice]]''''' or simply '''''[[The Irish Attorney]]'''''.
== The original text ==
First produced at the Haymarket Theatre, 6 May, 1840 and published in London by both J. Dicks, and
Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, [1840?].  Published in the USA by the Chicago Dramatic Club in 1800s (and credited to "Bernard Boyle"). Published in New York by Berford and Co, 1947.
== South African performances ==
1842: Performed as ''[[The Irish Attorney]]'' by the [[Garrison Players]] in the [[Garrison Theatre]], Cape Town,  on 13 May, with ''[[Othello Travestie]]'' (Dowling) as the afterpiece. The performers included [[Mr Wellesley]] (as "Hawk") and Mr [[D. M'Donald]] (as "Pierce O'Hara"). Repeated on the 19th May apparently.
== Sources ==
Facsimile version of the 1847 edition by Berford and Co , New York, ''The Internet Archive''[https://archive.org/stream/irishattorney00bern#page/n9/mode/2up].
[[F.C.L. Bosman]], 1928. ''Drama en Toneel in Suid-Afrika, Deel I: 1652-1855''. Pretoria: [[J.H. de Bussy]]. [http://www.dbnl.org/tekst/bosm012dram01_01/]: pp. 393-5.
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