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''The House of Bernarda Alba'' by * Lorca. A haunting tragedy about life in a Spanish home. First produced by ** in 19**. Translated into English by **. This text first performed in South Africa by **. Other productions include [[Leonard Schach]]’s production for the [[Johannesburg Repertory Society|Johannesburg REPS]] (September 1952, with a cast including [[Muriel Alexander]], [[Molly Seftel]] and [[Mary Mitchell]].) Translated into Afrikaans by [[Uys Krige]] ([[Die Huis van Bernarda Alba]]) and first produced by ** in 19**. Published by Tafelberg in 1980. 
#REDIRECT[[La Casa de Bernarda Alba]]
[[Lydia Lindeque]] performed in this play with the [[Klein Teater]] in 1951. (Source: ''Helikon'', 2(9):10).
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