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'''''The House of Bernarda Alba''''' (Spanish: ''[[La casa de Bernarda Alba]]'') [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_House_of_Bernarda_Alba] is a play by the Spanish dramatist [[Federico García Lorca]]. Lorca described the play in its subtitle as a drama of women in the villages of Spain. ''The House of Bernarda Alba'' was Lorca's last play, completed on 19 June 1936, two months before his death during the Spanish Civil War. The play was first performed in 1945.
#REDIRECT[[La Casa de Bernarda Alba]]
==Translations and adaptations==
Translated into English by James Graham-Lujan and Richard L. O'Connell. Published by New Directions, 1955.
Translated into [[Afrikaans]] as '''''Die Huis van Bernarda Alba''''' by [[Uys Krige]]. Published by [[Tafelberg Uitgewers]] (1980).
The English and [[Afrikaans]] translations were adapted into an [[Afrikaans]] play '''''Die Huis van Maria Malan''''', set in South Africa, by [[Nico Luwes]].
== Performance history in South Africa ==
1951: Staged in June for the [[University of Cape Town Drama Department]] in the [[Little Theatre]], directed by [[Leonard Schach]], featuring [[Edna Jacobson]], [[Lydia Lindeque]], [[June Range]] and others. Decor by [[Cecil Pym]].
1952: Staged in September by the [[Johannesburg Repertory Society|Johannesburg REPS]] with a cast including [[Muriel Alexander]], [[Molly Seftel]] and [[Mary Mitchell]].
1961: The Englih translation was staged by the [[University of Natal, Department of Speech and Drama]] in the [[Howard College Theatre]] in September, directed by [[Pamela Robertson]], featuring [[Gwenllian Edwardes-Evans]] (Bernarda), [[Renee Jacobsz]] (Maria Josefa), [[Diana Gay]] (Angustias), [[Jenifer Walter]] (Magdalena), [[Winifred Hagemann]] (Amelia), [[Denise Mockler]] (Martirio), [[Alexandra Watson]] (Adela), [[Colleen Moffett]] (Poncia), [[Jane Schoeman]] (Helena), [[Petra Backeberg]] (Prudencia) and [[Bruce Piper]] (Beggarman).
1962: Presented by [[Universiteitsteater Stellenbosch|University Theatre Stellenbosch]], produced by [[Jo Gevers]] who also designed the decor. The cast were [[Gertie Smith-Visser]] (Bernarda), [[Carmen Haddad]], [[Annatjie Vorster]], [[Louise Saayman]], [[Ilse Geyer]], [[Antoinette Terblanche]], [[Leslie Young]], [[Lena Eksteen]], [[Estelle Knobel]], [[Christine Basson]] and others. Lighting by [[Emile Aucamp]], costumes designed by [[Marie Pentz]].
1973: Krige's [[Afrikaans]] translation, ''Die Huis van Bernarda Alba'' was staged by the [[Universiteitsteater Stellenbosch]] in the [[H.B. Thom Theatre]] in May, directed by [[Ria Olivier]], featuring [[Antoinette Kellermann]] as Bernarda Alba, [[Sybil Coetzee]], [[Tessa Cowan]], [[Lize Treurnicht]], [[Lois Malan]] and others. Decor and costumes designed by [[Neels Hansen]], lighting by [[Emile Aucamp]].
1973: Krige's [[Afrikaans]] translation, ''Die Huis van Bernarda Alba'' was staged by the [[University of Pretoria Drama Department]] in September, directed by [[Fred Steyn]], featuring [[Tersie Pauw]] (Bernarda), [[Marianne Bornman]] (Maria Josefa), [[Santa Venter]] (Angustias), [[Antonia Ockerse]] (Magdalena), [[Elize Lizamore]] (Amelia), [[Celeste de Wet]] (Martirio), [[Hildegard Fobian]] (Adela), [[Amanda van Zyl]] (Poncia), [[Lettie Fick]] & [[Phyllis Dannhauser]] (Bediende), [[Hermien du Plessis]] & [[Anne-Marie Venter]] (Prudencia), [[Liana Bornman]] (Bedelares) and [[Leelette Holloway]] (Dogtertjie).
1978: Presented in English by the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, as their entry to the S.A. University Drama Festival at the Sharp Festival of the Arts, Grahamstown. Directed by [[Graham Hopkins]], starring [[Penny Morrell]], [[Jane Voss]], [[Liz Nangle]], [[Barbie Schreiner]], [[Jenny Andrew]], [[Bronwyn Hamlyn]], [[Evelyn Davidson]], [[Anne Gilmaster]], [[Jill Chaloner]] and [[Di Drust]]. Music composed by [[Jeremy Crutchley]].
1989: Krige's [[Afrikaans]] translation, ''Die Huis van Bernarda Alba'' was staged by the [[University of Pretoria Drama Department]] in May, directed by [[Carel Trichardt]], featuring [[Esther Nel]] (Bernarda), [[Hanli Buber]] (Maria Josefa), [[Riana van Vollenhoven]] (Angustias), [[Chantell Stander]] (Magdalena), [[Leonora de Souza]] (Amelia), [[Sorina Austin]] (Martirio), [[Helene Lombard]] (Adela), [[Ingrid Linde]] (Poncia), [[Anita van Vuuren]] (Bediende), [[Melinda Janse van Rensburg]] (Prudencia), [[Jean Beinlich]] (Bedelares) and [[Petro-Nelise Trichardt]] (Dogtertjie).
199*: Presented by [[UCT]] Drama School, produced and directed by [[Geoffrey Hyland]].
2003: The English translation was staged at the [[Market Theatre]] in July, adapted by [[Rona Munro]] and directed by Swedish director Maria Weisby, with [[Lindiwe Ndlovu]] (Bernarda), [[Nthabiseng Baloyi]] (Angustias), [[Phindile Ntuli]] (Adela), [[Nomathamsanga Baleka]] (a magogo), [[Takalani Phophi]] (Martirio), [[Lerato Maku]] (Magdalena) and [[Ntombi Maqalika]] (Amelia). Set designed by [[Nadya Cohen]], costumes by [[Margo Fleisch]] and lighting by [[Nomvula Molepo]].
2005: The [[Universiteitsteater Stellenbosch]] staged a production of ''Die Huis van Bernarda Alba'' in the [[H.B. Thom Theatre]] in August, directed by [[Suzaan Keyter]], with Drama students.
2012: The Luwes adaptation ''Die Huis van Maria Malan'' was staged in March in the [[Wynand Mouton Theatre]], directed by [[Nico Luwes]] with students of the [[UFS]] Department of Drama and Theatre Arts.
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