The Hollow

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The Hollow, by Agatha Christie.

1983: A Pieter Toerien production was directed by Kim Grant and performed in the Baxter Theatre in 1983. Cast: Kenneth Baker, Merle Lifson, Shelagh Holliday, Ashleigh Sendin, Dennis Folbigge, Neville Thomas, Bryony Mortimer, André Jacobs, Janet du Plessis, Timothy Welsh, Paul Bosman, Clare Stopford.

2014: Presented in June by the Claremont Dramatic Society in die Masque Theatre, Directed by Liz Roodt, with Ralph Kelly, Su Cunningham, Faeron Wheeler, David Sharpe, Christie Bellairs, Jana Botha, Sheldon Cross, Jenny Brandt, Willie Blignaut, Simon Dutton, Roseanna McBain and Dimitri Selibas.


Barrow, Brian & Williams-Short, Yvonne (eds.). 1988. Theatre Alive! The Baxter Story 1977-1987.

Review for the Masque website by Danie Botha (7 June 2014)

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