The Highway Crossing or, The Tale of a Golden Fish

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The Highway Crossing was written by celebrated Estonian playwright, actor and musician Jaan Tätte in 1999.

The story follows two hitchhiking lovers, Laura and Roland, as they seek shelter from a storm in the home of the reclusive Oswald. Oswald happens to have $4bn in cash in his log cabin and offers to buy Laura for $1bn (this is indeed a kind of Estonian version of the Robert Redford/ Demi Moore film Indecent Proposal). What unfolds is a drama about greed, money, love and betrayal.

Already staged in Finland, Germany, Canada and the US, and made into an Estonian film.

The original text

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Afrikaans by Saartjie Botha as Kruispad (of die legende van die goue vis).

Performance history in South Africa

2006: Performed in Afrikaans at the KKNK, starring Dawid Minnaar, Lika van den Bergh en Geon Nel, with Marthinus Basson as director.

2010: Presented by The Mechanicals at the Intimate Theatre, Cape Town directed by Guy de Lancey starring Andrew Laubscher, Deborah Vieyra, Louis Viljoen and Jason Potgieter in August 2010.


Beeld, 2 February 2006.

Cape Times 26 August 2010.

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