The Good Woman of Setzuan

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The Good Woman of Setzuan (Der gute Mensch von Sezuan) by Bertolt Brecht. (Also known as The Good Person of Setzuan) Originally written in German in 1942, performed in Santa Monica 1943. The first English translations by Eric Bentley (1956) and Johan Willet (1964). Leonard Schach directed the play for the East Rand Theatre Club for its twenty-first birthday in 1965.

Translated into Afrikaans as Die Goeie Mens van Setzuan and first produced by ***. Presented by PACOFS in 1974, directed by William Egan, starring Ernst Eloff, Annelize van der Ryst and Francesca Bantock.

Janet Suzman wrote a radically adapted version of it, setting the play in South Africa (London, 19**?), titled The Good Woman of Sharkville.


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