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''The Good Woman of Setzuan'' (''[[Der gute Mensch von Sezuan]]'') by Bertolt Brecht. (Also known as ''The [[Good Person of Setzuan]]'')  Originally written in German in 1942, performed in Santa Monica 1943. The first English translations by Eric Bentley (1956) and Johan Willet (1964). 
See: ''[[Der gute Mensch von Sezuan]]''
== Performance history in South Africa ==
Produced by [[Rosalie van der Gucht]] at the [[Little Theatre]], Cape Town, March 1958 starring [[Percy Sieff]], [[Errolene Garrett]], [[Elizabeth Bennett]], [[Chris van den Berg]], [[Denice Donegan]], [[Phyllis Schaffer]], [[Karl Oettle]], [[Louis Franks]], [[Eugene Rakoff]], [[Hymie Gien]], [[Viv Rakoff]] and [[Tony Puma]].
[[Leonard Schach]] directed the play for the [[East Rand Theatre Club]] for its twenty-first birthday in 1965. Decor and costumes by [[Chris van den Berg]]. The cast were [[Alan Brooke]], [[Denice Etherington]], [[Stanley Hill]], [[Ethel London]].
==Translations and adaptations==
Translated into [[Afrikaans]] as ''Die Goeie Mens van Setzuan'' and first produced by ***. Presented by [[PACOFS]] in 1974, directed by [[William Egan]], starring [[Ernst Eloff]], [[Annelize van der Ryst]] and [[Francesca Bantock]].
Translated by [[Johann van Heerden]] from the original German into [[Afrikaans]] (''Die Goeie Mens van Sezuan''), for production by students of the Drama Department at Stellenbosch University in 1976. Directed by Van Heerden.
[[Janet Suzman]] wrote a radically adapted version of it, setting the play in South Africa (London, 19**?), titled ''[[The Good Woman of Sharkville]]''.
== Sources ==
''PACOFS Drama 25 Years, 1963-1988''
[[ESAT Bibliography I|Inskip]], 1977. p 128.
''AfricaWide'' database.
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