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The Front Page [1] is a 1928 hit Broadway comedy about tabloid newspaper reporters on the police beat, written by former Chicago reporters Ben Hecht (1894–1964) [2] and Charles MacArthur (1895–1956) [3].

The original text

First produced in 1928.

Translations and adaptations

The play has been adapted for the cinema several times.

Performance history in South Africa

1984: Presented by PACT Drama, opening on 22 March at the Alexander Theatre in Johannesburg and 26 April at the State Theatre in Pretoria, directed by William Egan, with John Maytham (Wilson), Norman Anstey (Endicott & Carl), Nigel Vermaas (Murphy), Alan Swerdlow (McCue), Etienne Puren (Schwartz & Frank), Bruce Millar (Kruger), Pierre Knoesen (Bensinger), Jenny Sharp (Mrs Schlosser & Jennie), Martin Le Maitre (Woodenshoes Eichorn), Graham Hopkins (Diamond Louis), Andrew Buckland (Hildy Johnson), Charlotte Butler (Mollie Malloy), Dale Cutts (Sheriff Hartman), Carol-Ann Kelleher (Peggy Grant), Anne Curteis (Mrs Grant), Kerry Jordan (The Mayor), Anthony James (Mr Pincus), Michael Maxwell (Earl Williams) and Anthony Fridjhon (Walter Burns). Designed by Frances Michaletos.


PACT Drama theatre programme, 1984

Petru & Carel Trichardt theatre programme collection.

The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail theatre programme, 1984, announcement of future productions.

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