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The entries for ESAT have been grouped in sixteen categories, managed and edited by one of the research editors. (Please note that public celebratory events and pageants are viewed as performances or theatrical events for the purposes of this encyclopaedia, and thus are listed here as a sub-category of the section on South African Stage Plays, while festivals and competitions are listed in the category South African Festivals.)

IMPORTANT: General bibliographic conventions in lists

(1) Use and placement of articles in titles: In accordance with normal bibliographic usage, in cases where the titles of plays and performances contain an initial article (e.g. "A", "An" and "The" in English, " 'N" or "Die" in Afrikaans), the items are listed alphabetically according to the first noun following that initial article. The article is then put at the end of the title. To illustrate: "The Arrest by Uys Krige" is listed as "Arrest, The by Uys Krige" under #A. Similarly, the original Afrikaans version ("Die Arrestasie") is listed as "Arrestasie, Die by Uys Krige", also under #A.

NB: This is however only done for the numerous works listed in Afrikaans, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish in this encyclopaedia. In most other languages (such as the other seven indigenous South African languages, including Sotho, Xhosa and Zulu, and any European languages not listed above, such as Russian, Greek, Norwegian, etc), the full titles are listed exactly as they are, with beginning article where applicable, since the grammatical structure of most such languages are too complex and unfamiliar for us to apply this procedure consistently.

Please also note: Plays with titles starting with a numeral or date are placed in a separate listing marked #Numbers or dates.

(Latest version: June 2014)

To access database material on the relevant category, click on the appropriate link below.

  1. South African Theatre and Performance/Overview
  2. South African Film/Overview
  3. South African Media/Overview
  4. The South African Context/General Terminology and Thematic Entries
  5. South African Theatre/Terminology and Thematic Entries
  6. South African Film /Terminology and Thematic Entries
  7. South African Media/Terminology and Thematic Entries
  8. South African Personalities
  9. South African Venues, Companies, Societies, etc
  10. South_African_Films
  11. South African Stage Plays
  12. South African Radio Plays and Serials
  13. South African Television Plays and Series
  14. South African Festivals and Competitions
  15. A Chronology of South African Theatre, Film, Media and Performance
  16. A Bibliography of South African South African Theatre, Film, Media and Performance

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