The Desperate Hours

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The Desperate Hours is a play by Joseph Hayes (1918-2006)[1].

The original text

Originally a novel (1954) about a family held hostage in their own house by three escaped convicts, turned into a stage play by the author. This was first produced in 1955 on Broadway with Karl Malden and Paul Newman. Then made into a Hollywood film by William Wyler in 1955 with Humphrey Bogart and Frederic March, remade in 1990 by Michael Cimino with Mickey Rourke and others.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1955: First produced in South Africa by Taubie Kushlick at His Majesty's Theatre Johannesburg, in association with ACT, starring Bill Brewer and Sadie Festenstein.

1958: A Durban production featured Malcolm Woolfson.


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