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'''This title can refer to a number of stage works'''
#REDIRECT [[La Fille du Régiment]]
=Plays using this title on occasion=
There are at least four linked theatrical works from the 19th century  known (directly and indirectly) by this name in English. '''Click on the appropriate title to go to the entry in question.'''
== ''[[La fille du régiment]]'', an  opéra comique by Gaetano Donizetti  (1840)==
==''[[The Daughter of the Regiment (Fitzball)|The Daughter of the Regiment]]'', a play in two acts by Fitzball (1844)==
==''[[Josephine, the Child of the Regiment, or The Fortune of War]]'',  a musical comedy by John Baldwin Buckstone (1856)==
==''[[Madeleine, or The Daughter of the Regiment]]'', a play by E. Sterling (circa 1860[?])==
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