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'''This title can refer to a number of stage works'''
#REDIRECT [[La Fille du Régiment]]
=Plays using this title=
There are at least three theatrical works from the 19th century  known (directly and indirectly) by this name in English:
== ''[[La fille du régiment]]'', an  opéra comique by Gaetano Donizetti  (1840)==
'''For the original French opera, see the entry on ''[[La fille du régiment]]'''''
==''[[The Daughter of the Regiment]]'', a play in two acts by Fitzball (1844)==
'''For Fitzball's play, see the entry on ''[[The Daughter of the Regiment (Fitzball)]]'''''
==''[[Josephine, the Child of the Regiment, or The Fortune of War]]'',  a musical comedy by John Baldwin Buckstone (1856)==
'''For the Buckstone's  play, see the entry on ''[[Josephine, the Child of the Regiment, or The Fortune of War]]'''''
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