The Coral King

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by James Ambrose Brown. There was a run in September 1961 at the Alexander Theatre. Directed by Minna Schneier. Setting by Roy Cooke. Costumes by Heather Macdonald-Rouse. Music by Arthure Evans. "Director of productions": Roy Cooke. Theatre Manager: Will Southern. Stage Manager: Norman Kelly-Herde. Cast: Fleurette: Bess Finney Napoleon: Sydney Witkin The Octopus: Harry Hambleton Pierre: Roger Spence Billiam Bones: John Hayter Blue Cat: Dianna Harris The Coral King: Himself The Mermaid: Marjorie van Zyl

Choreographer of ballet by Gwynne Ashton. "The Waves": Brian Bertscher and Carol Goldberg with Judy Roberston, Verity Abramowitz, Lorna Schoombie, Joy Fish, Yelta Gervis, Joan Muller and Beryl Walker.

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