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''[[Teaterforum]]'', 4(1), 1983, 113.
''[[Teaterforum]]'', 4(1), 1983, 113.
[[Rohan Quince|Quince, Rohan]] 1990. Crinkles in the carnival: ideology in South African productions of ''A Comedy of Errors''. [[Shakespeare in Southern Africa]], 4(1):73-81.
[[ESAT Bibliography Q|Quince, 1990]]
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The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare. Much performed and studied over the years, this play was first performed in English by ** in ***.

Performance history in South Africa

The first professional production in South Africa was performed by the touring Henry Herbert Company in 1913.

In July 1983 it was the first production in the new Wits Theatre with Ian Steadman directing Wits drama students. It featured students of the School of Music playing an especially written score by Professor Henk Temmingh.

Produced by Ken Leach for CAPAB at Maynardville, opening on 17 January 1986. It was revived at the beginning of 1988.

First performed by ***.

Later performed by CAPAB in 1989, directed by Marthinus Basson and featuring **, ** Antoinette Kellermann , **. First published by Tafelberg in 19**).

Translations and adaptations

Translated and adapted as Kinkels innie Kabel (="twists in the cable") by André P. Brink. It was a hugely popular adaptation to a Western Cape setting , utilizing the local regional variant of Afrikaans called "Kaaps" to good effect.

Published by Buren in 1971.

Directed by Carel Trichardt for PACT in the Breytenbach Theatre, opening 15 April 1970.

Directed by Robert Mohr in Cape Town?

Directed by William Egan for CAPAB, opening in the Nico Malan Theatre 6 April 1979. Designs by Raimond Schoop, lighting by John T. Baker. The cast were Brümilda van Rensburg, Willem de la Querra, Neels Coetzee, Johan Esterhuizen, Johan Botha, Allan Dyssel, Marko van der Colff, Amanda Strydom, Sandra Ferreira, Melanie-Ann Sher, Trix Pienaar.

PACT (the Afrikaans translation), 1981, directed by Carel Trichardt featuring Magda Beukes, Klasie Coetzee, Johan Blignaut, Nico Liebenberg, Pierre van Pletzen, Eric Nobbs, Graham Weir, Trudie Lamprecht. Designs by Frances Michaletos.


CAPAB theatre pamphlet, 1979.

PACT theatre pamphlet, July 1981.

Teaterforum, 4(1), 1983, 113.

Quince, 1990

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