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''[[Vishnyovyi sad]]'' ("The Cherry Orchard", Russian: ''[[Вишнёвый сад]]'') is a play by [[Anton Chekhov]]
#REDIRECT [[Vishnyovyi sad]]
''[[The Cherry Orchard]]'' .
==The original text==
First performed by the Moscow Art Theatre under the direction of Konstantin Stanislavski[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konstantin_Stanislavski] in 1904.
== Performance history in South Africa ==
First South African performance in 19** by **.
=== Other English productions ===
1944: Produced by [[Rosalie van der Gucht]] for the [[Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society|Cape Reps]] in the [[Little Theatre]]. With [[Nathan Jacobsohn]] (Lopakhin), [[Mary Kay]], [[Mary Dean]], [[T.H. Kelly]], [[Bob Morrison]], [[Leonard Schach]], [[L.C. Young]], [[ Lesley Stevenson]]. Set designed by [[Cecil Pym]].
1963: Presented by [[PACT]] at the [[Alexander Theatre]], Johannesburg and the [[National Theatre]], Pretoria, May-June, directed by [[John Fernald]], starring his wife [[Jenny Laird]], [[Siegfried Mynhardt]], [[Simon Swindell]], [[Bryan Bales]], [[Patrick Mynhardt]], [[Arthur Hall]], [[Frank Douglass]], [[Ziona Garfield]], [[Elizabeth Georgiades]], [[Estelle Kohler]], [[Fiona Fraser]], [[Anthony James]] and [[Taffy Griffiths]]. Settings by [[Roy Cooke]], costumes by [[Joubero Malherbe]].
1970: Presented by [[CAPAB]] Drama by arrangement with A.D. Peters, directed by [[Robert Mohr]], production designed by [[Peter Krummeck]], lighting by [[Scott Robertson]]. The cast: [[Yvonne Bryceland]] (Mme Lyubov Ranevskaya), [[Elizabeth Rae|Liz Rae]] (Anya), [[Lyn Hooker]] (Varya), [[Bernard Brown]] (Leonid Gayev), [[Kerry Jordan]] (Yermolay Lopakhin), [[Wilson Dunster]] (Pyotr Trofimov), [[Arthur Hall]] (Boris), [[Val Donald]] (Charlotte), [[Roger Dwyer]] (Semyon), [[Cathy Hanson]] (Dunyasha), [[John Mitchell]] (Firs), [[Glynn Day]] (Yasha), [[David Sharp]]. The play opened at the [[H.B. Thom Theatre]] and toured the Eastern Cape before starting its four week season at the [[Hofmeyr Theatre]].
1977:  [[Mavis Lilenstein]] was the stage manager for the [[PACOFS]] production in August 1977.
1978: [[Ken Leach]] directed a [[Baxter Company]] '78 production with [[Sandra Prinsloo]], [[Merle Lifson]], [[Michele Maxwell]], [[Keith Grenville]], [[Henry Goodman]], [[Wilson Dunster]], [[Simon Swindell]], [[Marga van Rooy]], [[Frantz Dobrowsky]], [[Melanie-Ann Sher]], [[Don Maguire]], [[Pieter Geldenhuys]], [[Roland Stafford]]. **
=== In translation ===
Translated into [[Afrikaans]] as ''[[Die Kersieboord]]''  by [[Karel Schoeman]], published by  [[Human and Rousseau]] in 1975 and first produced by ** in 19*.  This version was presented by the [[University of Stellenbosch Drama Department]] in the [[H.B. Thom Theatre]] in 2004, directed by [[Gaerin Hauptfleisch]]. The cast included [[Stian Bam]], [[Riaan Visman]], [[Martelize Kolver]], [[Quentin Krog]] and [[Floyd de Vaal|Floyed de Vaal]].
In 1979 an [[Afrikaans]] translation by **,  entitled  ''[[Die Kersietuin]]'' was  directed for [[PACT]] by [[Robert Mohr]], with [[Rika Sennett]], [[David van der Merwe]], [[Wilna Snyman]] and [[Carel Trichardt]].
2013: Afrikaans version, ''[[Die Kersieboord]]'', performed from 6 to 17 August and 27 to 31 August at the [[Intimate Theatre]], Cape Town, directed [[Sandra Temmingh]] for [[The Mechanicals]], with  [[Tinarie van Wyk Loots]], [[Wilhelm van der Walt]] and [[Oscar Peterson]]. It was part of [[The Mechanicals]]’ Chekhov Season, which also included ''[[The Proposal]]'' (20:00) and ''[[The Bear]]'' (22 to 26 August, 1 to 12 September).
=== Adaptations ===
[[Janet Suzman]] wrote a radically adapted version of it, entitled ''[[The Free State]]'',  setting the play in South Africa.
[[Reza de Wet]] also borrowed heavily from the play for her own ''[[Drie Susters Twee]]'' (''[[Three Sisters Two]]'') and ''[[Yelena]]''.
== Sources ==
Wikipedia entry on ''[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cherry_Orchard The Cherry Orchard]''
[[F.C.L. Bosman|Bosman]], 1928: pp
''South African Opinion'', 1(10):20; ''Trek'', 9(11):18, 1944.
PACT Report 1963/1964.
''The Cherry Orchard'' theatre programme (CAPAB, 1970).
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