The Carnival Sideshow and Other Magical Things

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The Carnival Sideshow and Other Magical Things is a modern vaudeville-style entertainment created and performed by Brendon Peel and Li Lau.

The title also found as The Carnival Sideshow (And Other Magical Things).

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The event

The Port Elizabeth based team of illusionist Brendon Peel and escape artist Li Lau present an evening of entertainment which takes the audience on a journey through the realm of both magic and sideshow with a performance consisting of magic tricks and classic sideshow routines, including daring escapes and other stunts.

It was first performed at the Grahamstown Festival in July of 2018.


2018: Performed daily at the Grahamstown Festival from June 28 to July 2.

2018: Performed at The Savoy in Port Elizabeth, 20-22 December.