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There appear to have been two plays referred to by the title Temptation

Temptation by W.R. Waldron (1855)

The original text

According to Thomas Recchio, 2020, The Age reports a performance of this play by W.R. Waldron and his company in 1855. Unfortunately no other references to, or details about, the play have been discovered so far.

Performances in South Africa

1862: A play called Temptation was performed by Clara Tellett and her company in the Harrington Street Theatre, Cape Town, on 3 July, and billed as a "new three act drama". Also performed were a dance by Mrs Brazier and The Maid with the Milking Pail (Buckstone). (F.C.L. Bosman, 1980: p231, suggests that this was probably Temptation, or The Fatal Brand by Townsend, but it may in fact have been Waldron's play, performed by him in 1855.)

Temptation, or The Fatal Brand by Townsend

See the entry on Temptation, or The Fatal Brand


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