Swart Afrikaanse Gemeenskapstoneel (SAG)

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“Black Afrikaans Community Theatre”): A term used by January (1997) and others to describe groups outside the formal white amateur theatre framework, particularly in the 1970’s and 1980’s, under the influence of the Black Consciousness Movement and the cultural struggle. They sometimes performed during political rallies, criticising the ruling party and its oppressive laws. Not always politically active. Divided into urban and rural groups, SAG companies had to generate its own funding and often also develop their own stage techniques and skills. Their sources for this training were the television as well as school and church plays. Like most community theatre (“gemeenskapstoneel”) and amateur theatre presentations, SAG activities were not publicised much. It had however received sporadic exposure in “ethnic orientated” newspapers and magazines such as Golden City Post, Cape Herald and Drum. (See further, January, 1997)

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