Stephanus Maré

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Stephanus Maré (18**-1918). Actor and translator.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

While never a fully professional actor, Maré was the first Afrikaans actor to appear regularly on stage for most of his career. Even in English circles he was described as "the leader and organiser of the South African stage" (Du Toit 1988:44).

A founding member and treasurer of the Afrikaans-Hollandse Toneelvereniging in Pretoria (1906), he was considered one of the society's most talented performers. From the first played the leads in many of their productions including Harm Oost's Ou Daniel (1906), Gustav Preller/ Brandon Thomas's Piet s'n Tante (190*).

When the split came in 1912, Maré took the artistic leadership along with the director Engel-Wilson, certainly as far as Afrikaans productions go. Also played an important role as advisor to amateur groups in the Transvaal and elsewhere.

He produced and starred in C.J. Langenhoven's De Water Zaak and Die Hoop van Suid-Afrika, translated and produced Die Bad-Gaste and Henrik Ibsen's The Pillars of Society (as Steunpilare van ons Volk).

An early film actor, he played the role of the pioneer-leader "Charl Cilliers" in the 1916 film De Voortrekkers and, recognizing the potential of film as a medium, was planning a visit to the USA in 1918 to study it. However, while working on Mrs M. Jansen's play Afrikaner-Harte with students of the Transvaalse Universiteitskollege ("Transvaal University College"), he fell ill due to the flu-epidemic and sadly died. His passing effectively spelled the end of the AHTV.


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