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Staircase is a play by British playwright Charles Dyer [1]. It is a two-character play about an aging gay couple who own a barber shop in the East End of London. One of them is a part-time actor about to go on trial for propositioning a police officer. The action takes place over the course of one night as they discuss their loving but often volatile past together and possible future without each other. The playwright named his characters Charles Dyer (after himself) and Harry C. Leeds, which is an anagram of his name. In 1966 it was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company with Paul Scofield and Patrick Magee.

Performance history in South Africa

1967: The Langford-Inglis Company staged the play in South Africa in 1967. It starred Robert Langford and Patrick Mynhardt.

1985: In 1985 Yvonne Copley directed a S.O.E. Production in the Baxter Studio, starring Mike Thompson and Tony Stiglingh.


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