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Spektrum Produksies ("Spectrum Productions") is a professional company founded in Stellenbosch in 1993 by Johan (JJ) Fourie and Juanita Swanepoel to create work for young players, particularly recently graduated students of the Stellenbosch University Drama Department. The company was run by Fourie and Swanepoel till 1997, when Francois Toerien took over as manager (from 1998 to 200*). Then taken over and jointly run by Jan-Hendrik Opperman, **, Gaerin Hauptfleisch and Stephanie Hough. In 20** the company was brought by Hauptfleisch and Hough.

The company concentrates on youth theatre, educational theatre, cabaret and musical theatre.

Linked to GiGi's Bistro and the Dorpstraat Teater at one time, also has connections with the Libertas Theatre Club.


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