Social Security

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Social Security [1] is a play by American screenwriter, film director, and novelist Andrew Bergman (1945- ) [2]. Opened on Broadway in April 1986.


The play is set in New York City and it focuses on trendy Manhattan art gallery owners Barbara and David Kahn, whose life is upended when her Mineola housewife sister Trudy deposits their eccentric mother Sophie on the couple's doorstep while she and her husband Martin head to Buffalo to rescue their sexually precocious college student daughter from a menage a trois with two men. Barbara and David introduce Sophie to suave nonagenarian artist Maurice Koenig, who offers to paint her portrait and soon begins to brighten her life in ways she never expected in her twilight years. (Wikipedia)

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1987: Staged by PACT in the State Theatre in Pretoria and the Alexander Theatre in Johannesburg, directed by Terrence Shank, with James Borthwick (David Kahn), Sandra Duncan (Barbara Kahn), Jacqui Singer (Trudy Heyman), Graham Hopkins (Martin Heyman), Bess Finney (Sophie Greengrass) and Anthony James (Maurice Koenig). Designed by Chris van den Berg.


Wikipedia [3]

PACT theatre programe, 1987

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