Siyagiya Durban International Music and Cultural Carnival

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The Siyagiya Durban International Music and Cultural Carnival (or simply the International Music and Cultural Carnival) is a primarily a carnival-style musical event conceived as a tribute to South African jazz greats as well as a platform for new talent. Presented as a 12-hour live entertainment event at Durban’s Westridge Stadium by Mbongeni Ngema’s Committed Artists Foundation, it featured a line-up of big-name jazz musicians as well as new talent, and first took place at the Westridge Stadium in Durban on 21 December in 2012 and again on 16 December in 2013.

The carnival event was originally planned to devlop into be a week-long event with a programme that would run at venues across the greater Durban area, and include theatre, music and international artists, but is not mentioned again after the second one day event in 2013.