Sincerely Yours, Mark Twain

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Sincerely Yours, Mark Twain is a one man show devised by Percy Sieff, based on the works of Mark Twain’s [1] public readings and speeches.

Originally presented during lunch-hour at The Space from 24 October 1972, directed and performed by Percy Sieff (winner Best Actor Award). Stage management and lighting design by Donald Fuller and costume design by Helen Rooza. Repeated at the same venue under the alternative title, Mark Twain some time later. A PACT production in November 1972 followed.

It was performed as a lunch hour performance at the Opera House, Port Elizabeth in September 1973.

This became a profitable vehicle for Sieff, serving him well for more than 25 years, all over the world, e.g. in Australia in the 1990s. A Baxter production opened on 1 October 1996 at the Baxter Theatre Centre.


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