Sheridan Comedy Company

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The Sheridan Company toured New Zealand through 1903, presenting a number of productions. The cast included John F. Sheridan and known as "Little Gulliver" - formed part of the cast. Their shows included Mrs Dooley's Little Joke, which contained an extra novelty to it, in the form of a "biograph" - i.e. a "moving picture" - portraying a race which made up part of the plot.

"Mrs Dooley's Little Joke" was followed by "Naughty Nancy," in which "L G" was reported as "being in his element" as a Police Sergeant. The Sheridan Company then left for Hobart, Tasmania, being refused landing due to quarantine regulations and having to continue to Melbourne. At about this time, "Little Gulliver" is reported as "looking for a wife," reported as being 28 years old and "3ft 8in in his socks." The Sheridan Company's next engagement was a six month season in South Africa, reported in June 1904 and expected to continue to the end of the year.

One of the sights of Australia is Little Gulliver (Sheridan Company), back from Africa, smoking a big Boer pipe which holds about 1/2cwt of tobacco (says Sydney Newsletter). The pipe caused a block in Pitt street the other day and a wood carter attempted to throw it into his dray, not knowing there was a great actor attached. -Poverty Bay Herald, 14/2/1905.