Shared History Festival

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The Shared History Festival is an annual event intended to a celebrate the shared spaces that the people of India and South Africa have occupied for the past centuries. The aim being to seek to create new common ground for greater dialogue through the medium of the arts

Initiated in 2007 and managed by the Indian company Teamwork Productions, the festival is a collaboration between South African companies and those from India.

The 2010 Shared History Festival for example was named sponsored by the City of Johannesburg, Arts Alive, eThekwini Municipality, First National Bank (FNB), Jet Airways, Jindal, ICCR and Incredible India; associate sponsors are: ACSA, Tata Africa, Dunlop, Rosyblue, Bank of Baroda and KGK and the media partners are SABC TV2 Eastern Mosaic, Sunday Times, Zee TV, Lotus FM and Sutra Magazine.