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Seduced (1979), a play in two acts by American playwright Sam Shepard. Henry Hackamore, reputed to be the richest man in the world, is now a bearded, aged recluse, who lives on the top floor of a Caribbean luxury hotel, attended by his bodyguard-nurse, Raul. Paranoid, desperately lonely and obsessed by a fear of germs, he is kept alive by drugs and infusions of blood from other geniuses. Aware that his life is ebbing away, and determined to have one last fling, he flies in two women whom he had known, and loved, in the past.

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Performance history in South Africa

1982: Presented by the Baxter Theatre opening in the Baxter Studio on 10 April 1982, directed and designed by Maralin Vanrenen. The cast: Henry Goodman (Henry Hackamore), Sean Taylor (Raul), Jacqui Singer (Luna), Fiona Ramsay (Miami), Richard Benjamin (Gangster). Stage manager Richard Benjamin. Lighting designer Theo Davids.


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Seduced theatre programme, 1982.

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