Salomi Louw

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Salomi Louw (19*-). Actress, playwright, critic and professor of Afrikaans literature, specialising in theatre.


Briefly married to novelist and playwright André P. Brink in 1965-1966. Their son, Gustav, was born from this marriage.


She was awarded a diploma in drama from the Pretoria Teacher’s College in 1963.


She joined PACT in 1964.

Became a lecturer (later professor) of Afrikaans literature at the University of the North in 198*. Became Director of the School of Languages and Communication Studies at the University of Limpopo in 200* Has written widely about South African theatre and reviewed plays and texts in Afrikaans. Since 1983 she has agitated for a theatre for the campus of the University of the North (later of Limpopo), to enable actor training and research – an ideal finally realised in 2005?8.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Her first professional role as actress was in Twaalfde Nag (PACT 1964). The following year she had roles in Die Onwillige Weduwee and Die Lewe wat ek jou Gegee het. In 1966 she appeared in Die Dame met die Kamelias (KRUIK).

Wrote a one-act play called Patent and several other plays, including Ahura Mazda, Bankdag, Forte, Meerbank, Sanette Tuis, Swanesang and Wie Eerste Is.

Judge for the Nagtegaalprys for drama (2003, 2004).

Awards, etc


Twaalfde Nag programme notes, 1964.

Die Dame met die Kamelias theatre programme, 1966.

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