Salomi Louw

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LOUW, Salomi. (19*-) Actress, playwright, critic and professor of Afrikaans literature, specialising in theatre.


Briefly married to novelist and playwright André P. Brink in 1965-1966. Their son, Gustav, was born from this marriage.



She was awarded a diploma in drama from the Pretoria Teacher’s College in 1963.


She joined PACT in 1964.

Became a lecturer (later professor) of Afrikaans literature at the University of the North in 198*. Became Director of the School of Languages and Communication Studies at the University of Limpopo in 200* Has written widely about South African theatre and reviewed plays and texts in Afrikaans. Since 1983 she has agitated for a theatre for the campus of the University of the North (later of Limpopo), to enable actor training and research – an ideal finally realised in 2005?8.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Her first professional role as actress was in Twaalfde Nag (PACT 1964).

Wrote a one-act play called Patent (Judge for the Nagtegaalprys for drama (2003, 2004)

Awards, etc


Twaalfde Nag programme notes, 1964.

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