Rodney Philips

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(19**-) ***** Trained in Theatre Mangement at the City University of London (??**). Became manager of the Nico Malan Theatre (19**-19**), manager of the State Theatre in Pretoria from its founding in 19** until 1981, in which time he oversaw its construction and its magnificent inauguration. In 1982 he was appointed Director of the Natal Performing Arts Council and under his leadership the Natal Playhouse complex was opened as NAPAC’s official home for the various departments, including the Natal Philharmonic Orchestra (founded 1983) and, in 1985, the Napac Dance Company, the Loft Theatre Company and the Musicals Department. In 19** he resigned to become the assistant director of the Sydney Opera House in 19**. In 1996 he was appointed as as Director of the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, on the retirement of John Slemon. In this time he introduced a number of innovative and training programmes for new writers and performers. In 1999 he resigned this position to return to Australia. PHILLIPS, Rodney. He was NAPAC’s executive director. He supervised the construction and design of the new Natal Playhouse and was integral in the formation of The Loft. PHILLIPS, Rodney: Training: London 1984, NAPAC, started at Nico Malan, later State Theatre, Pta. Started his career in Marketing Dept of Langeberg Koop which overlooked the Nico Malan Theatre complex. This was the first custom built performing Arts Centre in SA. While he was front of house manager for CAPAB he realised his dream of what he wanted to do. Went to London Polytechnic for a course in Theatre Admin. Appointed Admin Manager at the Nico on return. Was the only qualified Theatre Manager in SA at that stage. Had a year’s experience in the PE Opera House as Manager. The in CAPAB’s opera, Orchestra & Music Dept’s. Deputy General for State Theatre in Pta for 2 years. Afterwards to NABAC as Director. Rodney Philips: Training: London Started at Nico Malan, CAPAB, then State Theatre, Pta. NAPAC, Durban Playhouse, Colosseum


Tucker, 1997

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