Rigby Foster

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Rigby Foster (b. **/**/1917? – d. Johannesburg, **/01/1979) was an actor. Also credited as Cecil Foster and C. Rigby Foster.


Nothing much is known about Cecil Rigby Foster (or perhaps Cecil Rigby-Foster) until his first acknowledged stage appearance when he acted as Cecil Foster for the Olga Lindo Company in The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934) at His Majesty’s Theatre in Johannesburg. However, after that he made many stage appearances, notably for the Johannesburg Repertory Players. Especially between 1939 and 1945, he acted in numerous supporting roles, often in plays that were being staged to raise funds for the war effort, as well as assorted variety concerts. He also did frequent radio work. In 1946 he married Hilda Cumberland-Brown and, soon afterwards, left with his wife for England to try his luck in British repertory. During his time there he also acted in two minor films.

Upon his return to South Africa in the early 1950s he resumed his local career. A versatile performer, he acted in everything from Shakespeare to farce, the annual pantomimes produced by Philip D. Levard and occasional appearances for the Children’s Theatre. He also acted in three feature films: Paul Krüger (Werner Grünbauer/1956), Lord Oom Piet (Jamie Uys/1962) and The Men from the Ministry (Tom Meehan/1971). His last role was in Cedric Sundström’s short Suffer Little Children... (1976). During his later years he was based in Durban – he appeared in Abie’s Irish Rose (1964), the last play to be produced at the old Playhouse Theatre – but according to the Rand Daily Mail he died in his Yeoville flat in Johannesburg. He and Hilda were divorced in 1955.