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'''Richard E. Grant''' (stage name of Richard Grant Esterhuysen) (1957- ) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_E._Grant] is a stage and film actor.
'''Richard E. Grant''' or '''Richard Grant''' (stage names of '''Richard Grant Esterhuysen''') (1957- ) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_E._Grant] is a Swazi-born stage and film actor.
His autobiography, *****, appeared in 19**.  
His autobiography, *****, appeared in 19**.  

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Richard E. Grant or Richard Grant (stage names of Richard Grant Esterhuysen) (1957- ) [1] is a Swazi-born stage and film actor.

His autobiography, *****, appeared in 19**.


Born in Swaziland.



Trained at the University of Cape Town Drama Department under Rosalie van der Gucht, Robert Mohr and Mavis Taylor.


In 1982 he left South Africa to work in the United Kingdom, where he gradually established himself as a prominent actor. In 1987 he and friends conceived and made the cult film Withnail and I, which established him as a major film talent. By the mid 1990s he had become a major Hollywood star, his films including Twelfth Night (199*), **, **, L.A Story (1991), Hudson Hawk (199*), Monsieur M..

After 1994 he gradually became involved in film productions on South African themes, including **, Story of an African Farm, **

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

As a student he and Fiona Ramsay and Henry Goodman founded the influential Troupe Theatre Company in 19**, for which he performed and directed a number of plays, including **. Also worked at The Space Theatre, co-directing Gerould’s Candaules Commissioner and G.M. Green’s Dolls in 197* (with Michael O’Brien), **.

He played Henry Carr in Travesties, Orlando in As You Like It, Father in Six Characters in Search of an Author, Haimon in Antigone, Slift in Saint Joan of the Stockyards, Rimbaud in Total Eclipse, Hou in Fanshen.

Together with Michael O’Brien he directed the Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of Kafka’s Metamorphosis starring Steven Berkoff, Henry Goodman, Fiona Ramsay and Ian Roberts at the Market Theatre in 1980. He directed East, Dolls and in 1980 Chinchilla at the People's Space.

People's Space Theatre (1976 to 1981) where he directed Guinea Fowl.

Awards, etc

Winner of the Fleur du Cap Theatre Award for Most Promising Student in 1979.

Standard Bank Young Artist (Drama) 1981.


SACD 1981/82.

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