Promised Land

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Promised Land is a 2002 South African film by Jason Xenopoulos

Not to be confused with two American films with the same title, one by Michael Hoffman (1987)[1] and the other by Gus van Sant (2012)[2], the TV series by Matt Lopez (2022)[3], nor the Afrikaans short film, Beloofde Land ("Promised land") by Mia Cilliers (2016)[4].

The original novel

The script is based on Na die geliefde land ("to the beloved country", 1972), an award winning Afrikaans novel by Karel Schoeman, translated into English as Promised Land by Marion V. Friedmann in 1978. It tells the story one man's journey to find truth and a desperate minority who fight to retain their apartheid ideologies in the face of a new, democratic forces in South Africa.

The film

The novel was adapted as a film script and directed by Jason Xenopoulos and produced by Khulisa Productions and Film Afrika, with producers Moonyeenn Lee, David Wicht, Jan du Plessis, Jeremy Nathan, and Vlokkie Gordon (billed as Vlokkie Kühne). Music was by Rene Veldsman, cinematography by Giulio Biccari and editing by Ronelle Loots. .

The cast consisted of Nick Boraine, Yvonne van den Bergh, Daniel Browde, Ian Roberts, Louis van Niekerk, Dan Robbertse, Grant Swanby, Wilma Stockenström, Lida Botha, Miems de Bruyn, Tobie Cronje, Julie Strijdom, Cobus Visser, Carlie van Niekerk, Rita Botha, Ryan Taylor

Also the voices of: Vusi Kunene, Susan Rossouw and Robert Hobbs.


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