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The Private Amateur Company was was the name given to two amateur theatrical companies active in Cape Town in the 19th century.

The Private Amateur Company 1834-1837

It seems to have been formed by members of citizens of Cape Town on the demise of Booth’s All the World's a Stage in 1834. Probably a continuation of the original English Theatricals and its members no doubt become part of the other private companies that followed after its own demise in about 1837.

They performed in The Amateur Theatre in 1834 and 1835, but from 1837 in the Cape Town Theatre, being briefly referred to as the Private Amateur Party and soon the English Amateur Company.

The Private Amateur Company 1847

In 1847 there is another reference to a company of this name, though it is also named English Private Theatricals. The company seems to have consisted of Dutch-speakers and with A. van Breda as secretary, which performed three times in English in the Roeland Street Theatre. However it is possibly the same company.

See further English Private Theatricals for this company.

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