Price Coetzee

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Coetzee, Price (****-****). Actor. Trained at the Drama Studio at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Played Rosenkrantz in the KRUIK/SUKOVS Hamlet in 1973. Also performed with PACT Youth Theatre. (SACD 1973)

Worked for TRUK from January 1969 through December 1970 (Koopman Van Venesie); Kinkels Innie Kabel), KRUIK from January 1971 through December 1972 (Nico Malan Premieres of Koning Lear and Hond Se Gedagte both directed by Dieter Reible, experimental work at the Hofmeyer Theatre, Fernando Arrabal, etc.; Hamlet with Cobus RossouwKRUIK/SUKOVS 1973, also Moeder Courage directed by Truida Louw with Anna Neethling-Pohl. KURIK also staged their own production with Babs Laker. Also worked for NAPAC (1976) in Saturday, Sunday, Monday and the revivals and touring productions of Faan Se Trein and Faan Se Stasie (Lake Theatre, Johannesburg 1976].

Moved to the USA during 1977 and ended up with NBC/Universal for over 30 years, until January 2011.

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