Pretoriase Normaalkollege

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The Pretoriase Normaalkollege is a college for the training of teachers,

It was founded on 2 September 1902, with its campus in Rissik Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria.

The college is importqant in the history of theatre in South Africa on a number of counts, notably for the many theatre practitioners who studied there, its courses in drama (as well as drama teaching, theatre and drama in education, etc.) and because it became the final owners and managers of the Kleinteater ("The Little Theatre") in Pretoria.

=Influential alumni

Coenie Rudolph, Peet du Toit, Celia du Toit, (

Die Kleinteater

The original plans were for a small theatre to be called Ons Teatertjie (and to be used by the Ons Teatertjie Toneelgroep). This never materialised, but later Die Kleinteater ("The Little Theatre") was the theatre ulitmately built for Volksteater (the former Ons Teatertjie Toneelgroep) in 19**, ** Owned by the Transvaal Education Department and later used by the students of the Pretoria Educational Training College, it hosted the finals of the annual Administrator’s Cup Competition for many years. Also used as one of the venues for the annual ATKV Kampustoneel Festival in the 1980s.