Pleasure and Repentance

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Pleasure and Repentance: A Lighthearted Look at Love, as performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, an adaptation by British theatre director John Barton (1928-2018) [1].

The original text

Published in 1976, edited by Terry Hands.

Performance history in South Africa

1976: Ron Smerczak starred in Pleasure and Repentance, a fund-raising show for the Market Theatre on 4 January 1976. Barney Simon directed and the cast also starred Michael McCabe, Keith Blundell and Janet Suzman.

1978: Directed by Robert Mohr presented in the Concert Hall, Baxter Theatre. Cast: Fiona Ramsay, Fay Marais, Theresa Iglich, Neil McCarthy, Murray Woodfield, Jeroen Kranenburg, Richard Carter, Sean McSweeney, Michael Shevelew, Kenny Caneneron, Fred Abrahamse, Gaby Lomberg, Penny Lorimer, Fran McCabe, Gaye Barbour, David Labistour.


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