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#REDIRECT[[Playboys]]'' is a play by  [[Deon Opperman]] and [[Garth Holmes]],
Later renamed ''[[Playboyz]]'' after a major rewrite.
== The original text ==
==Translations and adaptations==
Completely rewritten as ''[[Playboyz]]'' in 2000.
A teleplay called ''[[Playboyz]]''  was written by Opperman, based on the play.
== Performance history in South Africa ==
1990-1991: Presented as ''[[Playboys]]'' by [[Pieter Toerien]] at the [[André Huguenet Theatre]] October 1990 and the [[Theatre on the Bay]] in January 1991, directed by [[Deon Opperman]] starring [[Errol Hart]], [[Michelle Constant]], [[Warren Batchelor]], [[Roger Charteris]], [[David Vlok]], [[Michael Evans]], [[Lynsey Shmukler]], [[Dave Ridley]], [[David Lee]]. Lighting by [[Jannie Swanepoel]], sets by [[Kay Page]], choreography by [[Francois Briers]].
2000: Staged as ''[[Playboyz]]'' at [[Aardklop]] 2000 and, with the same cast, in The [[Studio]] at the [[Baxter Theatre]] in November, directed by [[Deon Opperman]], with [[Mike Lewis]], [[Emma Peirson]], [[Craig Jackson]], [[Rory Eliot]] and [[Henri Kriel]] (replacing [[Sean Else]]).
== Sources ==
''[[Cape Times]]'', 22 January 1991.
''[[Die Burger]]'', 30 November 2000.
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