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by Pierre de Wet. A very successful Afrikaans one-act play about a young man with visionary abilities. Based on a character in St John Ervine's John Ferguson which de Wet had played for the André Huguenet-Pierre de Wet Geselskap in 1942. (The play had been translated into Afrikaans as Absolom my Seun!, and the character had been renamed "Pinkie"). A number of similar characters from other plays apparently also served as models for De Wet's play. First performed by the Pierre de Wet Geselskap with Pierre de Wet, Paula Styger, Thelma Rousseau, Eric Olsen and Rudolf Nel in 1942-1943. Repeated under the auspices of Volksteater in 1944 with Anna Neethling-Pohl, Gert van den Bergh, and Jan Cronje. Later filmed by De Wet as Pinkie se Erfenis ("Pinkie's Inheritance") for Utolo Film Productions (released 1946). (See also John Ferguson in Plays II.)

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